Yakama Nation
Yakama Nation Tract-D


Mission Statement

The mission of the Tract-D program is to administer the Tract-D Mount Adams Recreation Area consistent with the Tribal Resolution T-14-71 and Presidential Executive Order 11670 and pursuant to the Yakama Nation Forest Management Plan.

Mt. Adams Recreation Area

To View a Map of Mt. Adams and directions click on this link.

General Rules:

  • The Yakama Nation is a sovereign Nation with inherent authority to regulate and enforce Tribal laws and ordinances.  By entering this area, visitors to the Yakama Nation Mt. Adams Recreation Area agree to these rules.  Violators may have their permits revoked and may be prosecuted under the rules and regulations of the Yakama Nation.
  • Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so as not to disturb other guests, cause damage to the natural resources, cause damage to other private property, and obey the rules listed below.
  • The Yakama Nation Recreation Area is open to the public generally from early July to late September, depending upon weather conditions.  All vehicles must have a self-issued entry permit.  Instructions for the Entry Permit are located on the envelope provided.

Camping Rules:

  • Camping Permits are required. Permits are provided at each campsite location.
  • Camping is permitted in designated areas only.

      * Bench Lake – 41 campsites
      * Bird Lake – 21 campsites
      * Mirror Lake – 6 campsites
      * Sunrise Camp – 15 campsites

  • No reservations are accepted for campsites – first come first serve.
  • No more than 6 campers per site.
  • Do not leave campsite unattended for more than 24 hours.
  • Campfires in designated fire pits only - do not leave fires unattended.
  • Firewood is provided at Bird Lake / Mirror Lake Administrative Area, free of charge.
  • No draining or dumping of refuse or waste from trailers or other vehicles.
  • Leave campsite clean and remove Permit Receipt from campsite numbered post.

Fishing Rules:

  • Fishing Permits are required. Permits are provided at Bird, Bench and Mirror lakes.
  • Keep no more than 2 fish per day for each permitted fisherman.
  • Children 10 years and younger fish for free and may keep no more than 2 fish.
  • Fish guts need to be disposed of in the garbage cans, not in the lakes.
  • Electric powered boats only. No motors are allowed in lakes.

Other General Rules:

  • Animals must be kept on a leash or penned at all times.
  • Horses and other pack animals permitted at Mirror Lake only. Pack animals permitted on Trail 9 (Around the Mountain Trail) only.
  • Hike only on designated trails. No mountain bikes are permitted on trails.
  • ATV’s & motorcycle use is not permitted.
  • No firearms or fireworks of any kind are permitted.
  • No picking, collecting and gathering of wild flowers, berries, roots and other natural resources.


  • Entry, Camping and Fishing Permits will be self-issued with envelopes and drop boxes provided. (This system is similar to the U.S. Forest Service camping permit system.) Entry permits and the drop box is located at Mirror Lake, and camping permits are located at Mirror, Bird and Bench lakes and the parking lot / Trail 9 intersection.
  • All vehicles will require a $5.00 entry permit, good for 5 days.
  • In addition to the entry permit, campers will require a $10 per site camping permit, good for 24 hours. Camping in designated areas only, including Bench, Bird and Mirror lakes and Sunrise Camp.
  • Fishing permits are $5.00, good for one day, $10.00 good for 5 days, kids 10 years and younger fish free and the fish limit is 2 per person per day.
  • No Season Fishing or Camping Permits will be offered.